Painting Wonder Woman

After a few several very Stressful Days, I decided to take a break and finish the Wonder Woman Painting I had sketched months ago. While looking for pictures online, as I so often do for my blog, I found a Wonder Woman picture that just really stuck me. I decided then I wanted to paint it, but as life is, I've been Busy. The last few days have been trying, and therefore I needed to relax, and do something to take my mind off... life. So I painted and finished this piece.

It's not perfect by any means. I'm completely self taught. I see a picture that replicates what I want to paint and I paint it. I'm so often amazed by the finished product because so often its looks awful until it all comes together. Colors at you don't think works, actually do when you finish. I know there is a concept to it, but I honestly don't know it. Any who enough of my babbling, here is the painting.

I sketched... I painted... 
 I added the finishing
 touches & sealed 
with a glossy 

The Model                                                               The Outcome

I'd love to here what people think. Constructive Criticism is always welcomed.
Any tips or advice is so very welcomed!
So comment below and let me know! Thank you for taking your time to check out my art!
It's very awesome of you!

Painting Wonder Woman Painting Wonder Woman Reviewed by Natalia Portal on July 28, 2016 Rating: 5

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