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Goodness Gracious! Good Afternoon Weekend-ers!
        A little late, but here is my Fanfiction Recommendation for the week! Originally a two-shot, now turned three plus shot! The story is so good though!

The team's next mission doesn't involve combat at all. With Batman off planet, Robin has to take the team to Arkham Asylum to meet the worst of the worst. Robin's teammates quickly learn that Gotham villains aren't your typical bad guys- they're not in it for personal gain, they're in it for chaos.

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         The horror during the summer is high! Light's Out just came out in theaters and still playing is The Conjuring 2, The Purge, and The Swallows. People Love getting Scared! and What's Scarier than a bunch of Kids facing Gotham's Villains!
          This story is not finished, but will definitely put you on edge! Enjoy!
                       *Hugs* from your favorite blogging Speedster 
                                                  (that's always a little late on updating the blog #TypicalSpeedster :P #AlwaysLate)


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