Painting The FLASH

Hello Everyone! 
        I'm back to my Artistic Era, it tends to occur during school breaks, fancy how that works out O.o LOL. Back in January/ February, I had all the drive and inspiration for painting the Blue Lantern Flash and then Life got in the way. When I started painting again, I felt a different drive and this is what came about!
        Like so many things in my life, that I truly enjoy, I'm self taught. Mixing colors, shadowing, and many more things are learned through Google #GoogleisGod. Most of the time, I just find a picture that I like and then grab my pencils and paints and go at it! Long story, short... 

I sketched... I painted... I layered... 
I touched up and fixed mistakes... 
and I added the finishing
 touches and sealed 
with a glossy 

The Model                                                    The Outcome
What do you think?
        I was pleased with the outcome; particularly, the face and it's shadowing, and the lightning. I've got plenty to work on, I know! Constructive criticism is always welcomed! If you know of a free website with painting techniques or if you have any advice, post it in the comments below! I'd love to learn more! 
         Thank you for taking a look at this post. It really means a lot! 
                            Yours Truly,
       PS. Check out my other Paintings HERE -----------> #FlashGirlArt

Paint colors used for::
Background- Yellow, Orange, White
Flash Suit- Red, Black, Yellow, Gold, White
Face & Eyes- Red, Yellow, and Blue (mixed for nude), Blue, White, Black
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