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Good Morning Weekend-ers,
       It been a bit rainy in my parts, so I've been inside a lot. Reading is always enjoyable and I finally broke the ice on a big story, over 100,000 words. It was intimidating, but I finally dove in. On the Fanfiction website it was in the Young Justice communities, under Wally Whump. I was a little worried that it might be too depressing, but I was pleasantly surprised...

Enough  by Sunny-D57 
Barry Allen grew up as an orphan. When he meets Iris Allen, he finds himself thrilled to meet her family. When Barry meets Wally, he's appalled at the way his father treats him. For Wally, he's never been enough for his parents. He longs to be like the Flash, who's enough for all of Central and Keystone and the world! Can Iris and Barry show him he's enough?

       Not only is this a Young Justice story, but it's also a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited story as the author incorporated unique characteristics of the Wally West from both cartoons. As Wally learns his powers we see how the fear from JL - Season 2 Episode 6 could be developed, why Wally is only able to run just below the speed of sound, and how these powers can effect a kid still in school. Just a little heads up, Chapter 15 - Interlude, might catch you off guard. I was reading each chapter so fast, just drinking it in that I got very confused and thought for a moment the story just jumped a year a head or something! But then Chapter 16 brought the story back home. The third short story in the Interlude chapter was one of my favorites as we got a glimpse of a ComicBook moment I'd love to find and read. For the sake of no spoilers click HERE for a pictured moment :D
    The intoxicating greatness of this story not only comes from Wally's heart and absolute adorableness in this story, but the incredible relationships in the Flash Family, and especially between Barry and Wally!
         Thank you, Sunny-D57, for writing this story. It truly was a pleasure reading this, and anyone who plans to read the story... If you decided to read this story, if you decided to review this story please post ' #IAO_FG ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks!

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