The Original Kid Flash is BACK!

I saw this picture earlier today and thought... Hm, that sort of looks like Wally, like the original Kid Flash Wally West, not the New 52 Wally West. I was interested, but too tired and busy to look it up... I've been up since 5am! Finally heading to bed and looking through Instagram for a few moments I saw this post::
It finally dawned on me! Wally West is Back! I'm crazy excited Now! I mean how will this work? Two Wally Wests? If I had any doubts about Titans, its completely gone now! I need to find this Mysterious Force that made them all forget! I'm so Happy and I probably sound like a total goof because I'm half dead and overly excited right now!!

If you're wondering when Kid Flash will make an appearance in the Relaunch of DCcomics... It'll be in this Wednesday's DC Universe: Rebirth #1!!

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