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Good morning Weekend-ers,
       How's the weather in your parts? It's been rainy all week here in South Florida, so staying in door is a regular thing. What better to do than to read! This past Wednesday I picked up and read Spidey #006, Haunted Mansion #003, and the new Adventures of Supergirl #1 (based off the TV Show). I've also been keeping up with the Daily Updates of In The Dark, which has really brighten my day as they head into the Young Justice years for Wally and Dick! But right here, right now another story brightened my day and gave me a right laugh as the weather stormed against my window.

You're Lucky I wasn't a Girl By: africaflower77 

Basically Dick lists reasons why Bruce is lucky Dick didn't turn out to be a girl...and Bruce rebuttals all those reasons with: "Oh really? What about the time when..." Includes Team and Roy...Pure hilarity ensues!

       Talk about making you laugh! This will send you into a fit of giggle you don't want to end! It's written like a one shot, so when future chapters are created it seems like each will not leave you hanging. That's really nice at times! As a series of one shots, this makes the perfect feel good story set! If you decided to read this story, if you decided to review this story please post ' #IAO_FG ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks!

Fanfiction Recommendation Fanfiction Recommendation Reviewed by Natalia Portal on May 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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