DC Rebirth Countdown - 9 Days:: The Flash

Flash is my Fav, so you know I might gush too much on this one!!!
The Flash
In 1940, Issue #1 of Flash Comics released by All-American Publications(a company that would eventually merge with DCComics), an all new hero emerged: The Flash! Unlike Superman 
or Batman, who have for the most part always been Clark Kent/ Kal-el or Bruce Wayne,
The Mantle of The Flash has been passed down from one generation to the next. The
1940s Golden Age Flash was Jay Garrick, whom received his powers in an accident
involving heavy water vapors in a science lab. The post-war decline in Superhero 
comics sales  ended Jay Garrick's run as the Flash in 1951. Five years later,
a revival of Hero Comics began what is now known as the Silver Age
of Comics. The Flash starred in the comic called Showcase Issue #4,
Jay Garrick wasn't the Flash though. This new Flash was Barry 
Allen, a police forensic scientist who was struck by lightning
while thrown in to a mess of chemicals in his work lab. He
took on the name, The Flash, in honor of his childhood,
comicbook hero, Jay Garrick - The Flash. Confused? 
Don't be... The Flash introduces many things in the
 DC Universe, including: Time Travel and the 
Multiverse. The Silver Age Heroes exist on
Earth One, while the Golden Age Heroes
exist on Earth Two. I'm guessing there 
are few individuals in the world that
have the power to see other Earths 
in the Multiverse and these are the 
People who write comic books!
Is It Possible We Are Just 
Another Earth In This

Ok Dreams Aside... Let's get back on track...
In 1961, Issue #123 of The Flash, entitled The Flash of Two Worlds, Barry Allen accidentally 
finds himself on Earth Two and meets Jay Garrick. This led to several crossovers between 
the two worlds over the years, including several heroes from the Golden Age to interact 
with their Sliver Age counterparts. Everything came to a head in Crisis on Infinite Earths 
which ended with All Earth become just one Earth and the Death of Barry Allen. With 
the Golden Age Heroes and the Silver Age Heroes all living on one earth together, it
 would seem natural for Jay to return to being the Flash, but you must remember, 
by this time Jay is approximately 60 yrs old! No... The mantle of the Flash was 
passed onto the next generation, Wally West! Wally West first appearance in
the Flash comics was in 1959 Issue #110. Wally was visiting his Aunt Iris,
current girlfriend and future wife of Barry Allen, in Central City, during 
a tour of Barry lab a freak accident gave Wally superspeed just like
Barry's. Wally soon donned the spandex and joined his Uncle in 
fighting crime, as Kid Flash. Wally was a founding member of 
the Teen Titans in 1964. In 1986, after the death of his mentor 
Wally took on the title of The Flash. If you ask any long 
time comic reader, they will tell you Wally West is the
Best Flash! In 2005-2006 a series called Infinite Crisis 
ended with Wally and his wife, Linda  moving to an alternate 
reality. This led to the fourth one to carry on The Flash's name, Bart 
Allen in The Flash: Fastest Man Alive! Bart Allen's first appearance was
in the 1994, The Flash Issue #91. Bart was raised in a virtual reality world
controlled by Earth Gov, in the 31th Century. His grandmother, Iris (wife of the 
2nd Flash, Barry Allen) rescued him and they traveled back in time to 1994 where
Wally would help slow down Bart's rapid aging (technically, Bart was only 2 yrs old, 
but he looked to be about 13yrs old). Wally indeed help stop the aging and Bart was able 
to live a normal (haha), teenage, superhero life under the mentor Max Mercury. Bart took the 
Hero name, Impulse, and later became the 2nd Kid Flash. At the end of Infinite Crisis with Wally 
gone, the Speedforce no where to be seen, and Bart sudden age jump, Bart attempts to retire from the Hero gig. A year passes before he finally take up the mantle of the Flash to stop Griffin and he 
realizes he absorbed the speedforce. His run is unfortunately cut short when Inertia creates a
machine that stole the Speedforce from him and left Bart powerless in the middle of a fight.
Wally West returns after Bart's Death (2007) and reassumes the Flash Identity.
In 2008, Bart is revived in the 31st century, as a teenager, and soon returns
 to the past. Barry Allen also returns in The Flash: Rebirth
and for a while there were two Flashes.
The New 52 rebooted the whole DC Universe 
and while we have met all four Flashes they are not 
connected as they once were. Barry Allen is the Flash in the
New 52. Wally West debuted in the New 52: The Flash as a young
black kid getting in trouble with the law and blaming the Flash for his 
mother's disappearance. In time he's grown to like the Flash and after getting 
struck by lightning during a fight between The Flash and The Reverse Flash/ Eobard 
Thawne, Wally's beginning to develop superspeed. Bart Allen is a regular in the Teen Titans
New 52, but while he's still from the future, he's not Barry's grandson. In fact, his 
real name is Bar Torr and was sent to the past as part of a witness protection 
program before he's taken to trial for Crimes he committed in the future,
 his past. Jay Garrick is feature in the New 52: Earth 2 series 
gaining his superspeed from a dying god.
Film and animated adaptations of the Flash are numerous to count.
Live action adaptations include The Flash (1990) starring John Wesley Shipp,
The CW's The Flash starring Grant Gustin, and the upcoming movie featuring Ezra
Miller as the Flash, in association with the movie BatmanVSuperman. Animated adaptations
include JusticeLeague, JusticeLeague Unlimited, YoungJustice, Flashpoint, JusticeLeague:War, &etc.

In Rebirth, The Flash
has his hands full as a speedforce storm gives 
dozens of people superspeed. Trying to be
a mentor to so many spreads Barry out 
pretty thin and then he must deal 
with a new villain, by the 
name of GodSpeed.
... And how does
Wally fit into 
all this?

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comic: Rebirth #1 - June 8, 2016
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My name IS FlashGirl for a reason, 
So YES, yes I will be buying every freaking Issue 
of this Rebirth Series! I'm so Flipin' excited I can't Stand it!!!

What are your thoughts on the new Flash?!
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I Can Talk Flash All Day/Night Long! 

I am so Terribly sorry this came out so late in the day!!!!
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