DC Rebirth Countdown - 5 Days:: Trinity

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman united in 1977, Issue #244 of World's Finest Comics. 
The were also accompanied by Green Arrow and Black Canary. In Issue #250 of 
World's Finest Comics brought these heroes together into a team. In 2003, a 
limited series was published and called World's Finest Trinity. It 
reinvented Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman origin 
of their first meeting, Before the Justice League.

As far as I can tell, by searching online and talking to fellow friends, 
the Trinity storyline has been created in this year's 
adaptation of BatmanVSuperman.
Yes, there has been an episode here and there in 
one of their solo animated series, but usually that only consisted of a 
meet between Batman and Superman, but rarely is Wonder Woman included.
In Rebirth, Trinity
brings together World's Finest on Grand
Adventures in this all new story. Vastly different 
from each other is what makes them a strong team.

All NEW Issues will be Priced at $2.99
Trinity #1 - August 10, 2016
Not a lot of information has been given on this title,
so it might not be a twice monthly comics 
and the only date of comics released under the title
is the one I posted and it did not have a 
Rebirth, just a #1. I'll post an update on this title
when one is available.

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Are you excited for this? Were you a fan of the 
2003 set? What do you hope occurs in the new story?
Let me know in the comments!
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