DC Rebirth Countdown - 11 Days:: The Bat Family

SO Sorry this is so late in the day, 
but there's a lot going down in today's countdown...

The various titles about Batman and his family are so numerous it is hard to cover them all, 
so I'll focus on these three and Leave Batman for a later time... Here we go down the rabbit hole!
Nightwing, Red Hood, & Batgirl
Dick Grayson was the first Robin to appear at Batman's side in 1940, Issue #38 of Detective Comics
Over the years, joining the Teen Titans, and looking for an identity separated from the 
Dark Knight, he choose a new name. Nightwing was a legendary vigilante 
from the planet Krypton; in fact, it was Superman under disguise 
while in the Kryptonian City, Kandor in the Superman 
Issue #158 in 1963. The story inspired Dick to
take the name in 1984, Issue #44 of
The Tales of the Teen Titans.
Jason Todd's first appearance was in 1983, Issue #357 of Batman. In Issue #366, Jason
became the second Robin and fought by Batman's side until the 1988 Issue titled:
Batman: Death in the Family. The second Boy Wonder dies at the hands of 
The Joker. In 2005 it's revealed that Talia Al Ghul used the Lazarus Pit 
to revive Jason, but the pit changed him and he returned to Gotham 
under a new name: Red Hood. No longer you typical Hero, 
the former Robin is an Anti-Hero and is not above 
killing to protect his city. The first time the 
Anti-Hero Group, known as The 
Outlaws came together was in 
2011 and included Jason 
Todd, Roy Harper, 
and Starfire.
Barbara Gordon first appeared as Batgirl in 1967, Issue #359 of Detective Comics, titled The million
 Dollar Debut of Batgirl. She was a constant recurring character throughout Batman's hero career. 
Things changed in the 1988 story Batman: The Killing Joke which left Barbara paralyzed. 
The following year (1989), Barbara showed up, in a wheel chair, under a new 
codename: Oracle in Issue #23 of the Suicide Squad. In 1996 Oracle 
teamed up with Black Canary in the title Black Canary/ Oracle: 
Birds of Prey. In the New 52, Barbara appeared with 
full mobility and no wheelchair in sight 
for two different titles: Batgirl 
and Birds of Prey.
The most recent adaptations of these characters have been in the DC Animated Universe.
Nightwing was in Justice League vs Teen Titans (March 2016), Jason Todd in 
Batman: Under the Red Hood (July 2010), and the upcoming film - 
Batman: The Killing Joke (July 2016).
As one of the most popular families in the DC Universe, there's just too many adaptations to list.
This post is already long enough as it is. 
However the most recent mentions of these characters in Live Action Film would be...
In Season 4 Episode 11 of Arrow, when Oliver gives the wheelchair bound
Felicity the code name OverWatch and says, "I was going to go with
Oracle, but it's already Taken." And Lastly the Robin suit in 
Batman Vs Superman, if we had to guess I would 
assume this was Jason's and the movie took 
place years after Death in the Family.

In Rebirth, Nightwing
is back in his classic Blue and Black, with his 
Secret Identity restored. His first mission 
in Rebirth is to take down the 
Parliament of Owls!

All NEW Issues will be Priced at $2.99
Nightwing: Rebirth #1 - July 13, 2016
Nightwing #1 - July 27, 2016
All NEW Issues will be shipped Twice Monthly!

In Rebirth, Red Hood and The Outlaws
uses Red Hood's Villain status to takedown 
Gotham's Underworld from the inside. Jason's Outlaw Partners 
in this venture include an Amazon named Artemis and a Superman Bizarro.

Red Hood and The Outlaws: Rebirth #1 - July 27, 2016
Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 - August 8, 2016
This title has not been confirmed for a twice monthly release.

In Rebirth, Batgirl and The Birds of Prey
A new villain in Gotham has taken the name: Oracle!
With the help of Black Canary and Huntress, 
Barbara sets out to protect her legacy.

Batgirl and The Birds of Prey: Rebirth #1 - July 20, 2016
This title has not been confirmed for a twice monthly release.

In Rebirth, Batgirl
travels to Japan to train in the most elite modern combat 
of the East, in this separate title. A chance meeting 
with an old friend leads her into making 
her solve a deadly mystery.

This title has no Rebirth Issue.
Batgirl #1 - July 13, 2016
This title has not been confirmed for a twice monthly release.

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Hey folks! Did you stick with me??
This was a long one, for sure! Was it too long?
Please let me know in the comments! I'm writing for both of us!

We have four fantastic titles with awesome characters!
I've bought and read a few back issues from the Bat Family, 
but it's all so vast that I'm almost scared to poke the bush. It seems 
if you start reading one, you should just read them all 
and that's a big commitment! So What's your 
Advice? I really want to get Nightwing,
but... #TheBatFamCommitment!
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