Captain America is Hydra?

I've taken nearly a week to mold this over, get over my shock, or try to understand my reaction to it. I Don't even Read the Comics! Yet, this has effected me in strange ways. 

The day after I saw the latest movie I went to my local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day and some great discounts. I debated with myself to pick up a Captain America Comic or not. The debate lasted about 20 minutes and I decided not to. I'm not a Marvel kind of gal, I prefer DC. Spidey and Haunted Mansion are the only Marvel books I buy, and as of right now, they are the only ones I'll ever buy of Marvel.

I can't say much in the history of Captain America Comics since I don't read the books, but I can tell you what he meant to me and I'm sure plenty of others who only know him from the movies. 

Captain America is the All American Soldier. Steve Rodgers was a small guy that all he wanted to do was serve his country on the front lines. He wanted to be an american hero(as all the brave men and women in our military are), and he became part of a program that not only made him an american hero... It made him America's Hero! There are dozens of Superheroes in the Comics and most are based in the United States, but Captain America is America's Superhero! 

To turn Steve Rodgers - Captain America into a double agent for Hydra is like pulling the rug out from under someone's feet. He's no longer America's Hero, he's no longer an american hero... He's a villain, a super villain that's apparently been playing everyone for decades! How many other american heroes are doing that too? Wait, WHAT?! But that's where the train of thought goes. It's foundation shaking.

I told my mother about this and she not a fan of comics at all, but she had something to say about this. "When the comics first came out they were a symbol of hope. My brother read the books. He knew it was completely different, but the Captain America stories was kind of like reading what our Dad(He was in the Navy at the time) might be doing. Captain America was the representation of the United States Military... If what you said is true, that's disgusting! That's an insult to a lot of people! What's the background of this guy(Nick Spencer)? Is he German?"

I've actually tried to look the writer, Nick Spencer, up. There wasn't much on his background/ family background. The most I found was he was born in the US and was in politics before writing comics. That's not a whole lot. 

Is it a bit much, to be looking into his background? Not really, I'm trying to find an explanation. 
They said this change had been in the works for over a year, that the conversations began when Spencer first started writing Captain America in 2014. Sound like he came up with the idea. 

It would be different if it was a five book story arc, or something out of the character's control. Spencer and Marvel Editor, Tom Brevoort, made it clear that that is not the case. It will have a profound effect on the Marvel Universe as a whole. 
It’s always difficult when you’re at this point in a story, because you 
don’t just wanna tell people, “Everything’s gonna work out great!” 
Because that certainly may not be the case here.  
                                                                                                                                  --Nick Spencer, The Daily Beast

Trying to talk it up and saying things like, "We're not going to ruin his legacy," and "This is not a story about his past, but rather of his future." It doesn't work that way. You can't say, his legacy is good and his past hasn't changed, when you tell us he's been a Hydra Agent! What did he Join last week?! If he's a Hydra Agent everything in his past comes into question (everything he previously stood for comes into question). 

They've said it's not a gimmick because it won't be a one off shock piece, it'll have lasting effect. Personally, the gimmick I see may not be the story they are beginning to tell, but rather in the timing. They decided to go with this new story with Captain America as a Hydra Agent right after a new movie comes out, when new readers might start reading their stories. Like I almost did... And the week before Memorial Day! Wow! Just Wow!

I'm around a lot of people during my other job and this weekend I saw more Captain America shirts then I've seen in a while and every time I thought to myself, "How very un-american that symbol suddenly means..." I know that those people probably have no clue about the comics; I know that they probably wore the shirt because it's red, white, and blue; and I know I'm being stupid about all this. I DON'T EVEN READ THE COMICS! Yet it's bothering me a lot! Maybe... just maybe the whole thing will be justified and make sense in the upcoming issues, but I don't know... I don't like it and I don't want to see a movie on it!

The actor who plays Captain America, Chris Evans, was surprised: 
So what's your opinion on this whole thing?
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  1. I don't read the comics either, but I hate it! Captain America is one of my favorites in the movies.


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