Top 3 Things I Like About The Flash #50! #Bonus

It's been 8 long weeks without a Flash comic,
and 3 of those weeks we were without The Flash TV Show as well.
I think I was having withdraws!
This week we got both!

So here's FlashGirl's
This issue is a nice, thick, entertaining read, with a great reveal at the end! 
I won't tell you what that is though, you'll have to read the issue for yourself!

This time my #1 is Wally and his short little story at the end of this comic.
In the last few issues he's been having some speedy problems. 
The most recent one caused the Rogues to attack his school and got the Flash arrested.
^^ right in this simple sentence tells you how messed up the CCPD are in trying to catch the Flash; 
the rogues attacked, but the Flash is on his way to Iron Heights >.< ^^
Wally is confused and scared as to what is happening to him, 
but in this mini story, he finally figures it out!
I enjoyed the mini story so much I used a Quote from it for this week's 

#2. The Flash will always be a Hero. Even when the Captain Frye tries to 
lock him up in Iron Heights and things go crazy as the prison is destroyed, 
the Flash saves and protects those who intend to lock him up.
They're just so stunned and the Flash just simple says, "It's what I do."

Now on to #3. This little gem just made me laugh!
From his Character in the TV Show, his role in Impulse's (the 90's comics) life, and the run he had 
in The Flash Comics, I don't really have a lot of love for Eobard Thawne!
So when I read this small panel,

I just laughed and laughed and laughed! 
Most of the prisoners get out, but not Eobard! 
He's being shushed by Overload. LOL

And Now our Bonus Round!
I just couldn't leave this moment out of my post, but it's not really something I "Liked."
It's probably one of the saddest moments I've ever read!

He just looks so defeated, it broke my heart a little,
and then Mirror Master... Oh Mirror Master, When will you be on the CW Show?
I just like him so much, for some reason...

Anyway, that's it for me, but I'd love to hear your
 favorite parts of the newest Issue of the Flash!

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