This Day Last Week
Flash was on Supergirl!
This week, both are on break...
Hopefully this break will give the digital effects crew
the much needed time to finish the editing before it Airs!
As a film maker myself, I know it's time more than anything to get the job done.
So I say take all the time you need! I have comics, reruns, cartoons and more to 
keep me going until the next awesome episode airs!

While we wait for the next episode to air, I thought I'd search some cool stuff online!
Some people are such big fans they put it on display, by getting a tattoo!
Here are some Supergirl and Flash Tattoos!

Some of these are pretty freaking cool!!

Do you have any Flash Tattoos? 
Post them in the comments below!
I'd love to see them all!

*All pictures taken from google*
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