Stay Tuned for The Flash Tonight!

Last week's episode seems to have fallen below many of our expectations for the Flash.
With sneak peeks and on the set photos, we continue to expect more and more from each episode,
which is why I found it interesting that there wasn't much for tonights episode. 
All we have is the Trailer, and maybe 3 pictures from the set (and that took a lot of searching).
I know I was expecting a mention of Supergirl, Wally finding out who the Flash was, 
and the truth about Jay. If we're honest with ourselves none of this happened.
Barry asked an ambiguous  question that meant everything and nothing,
Wally did NOT learn who the Flash is, 
and Zoom was lying through his teeth during the whole episode!
Worst of all, after everything! Barry loses his Speed!

Not only does Zoom get everything he wanted! He also gets the girl! WTF?!
How is this right?

But tonight is a new episode...
Caitlin in chains, there's a new villain: Griffin Grey, Harry is taken, Jessie is supposed to return,
Barry has a gun, Cisco's added shock absorbers to the suit, and so much more!

Season 2 Episode 19 of The FLASH
"Back to Normal"

7 1/2 HRS til tonight's episode of The FLASH

And don't miss out on #FlashGirlTweets
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