Preview for The FLASH! Back on April 19th

Sadly The Flash will not be on tonight 
and therefore no live tweeting will happen.
But never fear I have some cool post in the works,
but it's taking me longer than planned to finish them. Not only have I been 
extremely busy with school, had no time to schedule posts before doing a group retreat 
without internet, but now I'm sick. It's not the runny nose and sneeze sick, 
but rather shivering in bed, yet sweating, barely enough energy to roll over sick, 
with a hacking cough.
I'd probably still be in bed right now if I hadn't already missed so many of my class,
so while I wait for my class to start I figure I'd post this...
Sorry if that was all too much information...

None the less the next episode of the FLASH Looks Awesome! 
And I hope it's this one we'll see traveling to Supergirl's Earth! I want a reference at least!
So here is the Trailer for April 19th episode of the FLASH!

Preview for The FLASH! Back on April 19th Preview for The FLASH! Back on April 19th Reviewed by Natalia Portal on April 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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