Phi Sigma Pi: Painting for Regionals

I joined 
Phi Sigma Pi - National Honor Fraternity
the 2nd semester of my first year at the University of Miami.
That was Spring 2013. 
Phi Sigma Pi has expanded my group of friends to not only include those at my school, but also
 regionally and nationally! Everyone is Awesome, Helpful, Kind, and Understanding.
Phi Sigma Pi has also given me ample experience in Leadership Positions;
I've held the positions of Public Relations Chair (1 1/2yrs), Recruitment Advisor (1yr), 
Brother at Large (1yr), and Co-Historian (1 semester).
Most of these positions are relatively artistic in nature, designing flyers, shirts, planning events, photography, making short films, and etc.
As I've said before, and I'll say it again 
Phi Sigma Pi
Got Me Crafting Again!

So needless to say when our current ICR Chair needed some personalized PSP stuff 
or an auction at Regionals I was happy to volunteer!
I wanted to give back!
This was the final product of my PSP painting!
This is sort of the embodiment of the Delta Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi!
Our ICR Events revolve around our beautiful South Florida Beaches! 
Our unofficial chapter colors are a bright/neon pink and blue, 
since when we had our giant letters made and painted
one side was painted the official Purple and Gold,
While the party side was Pink and Blue
with splashes of purple and gold.
And since this was for Regionals each Chapter in the Southeast #SouthBeast Region
was emblazoned on to the sand!

Here's a little look at the steps it took to the final product!

Sketch -------> paint --------> rocks, letters, and finishing touches -------> Sign and protect.

I'm very happy with the way it came out!
I'm glad it found a great home and the money went to a wonderful cause!

If you like this painting, check out my other projects on my 
FlashGirl Art

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