5 References to FlashPoint Paradox on The FLASH

After seeing the Preview for next week's episode,
it's obvious that this season is heavily influenced by FlashPoint Paradox.
We already kind of knew this by a few different things, but the biggest references 
have been in the last couple of episodes and next weeks episode as well.

So here are 5 References to FlashPoint Paradox on The FLASH! Season 2

#1. This Promotional Picture was created for Season 2 of the Flash.
Which bares a minimal resemblance to the Promotional Picture for FlashPoint Paradox.
With a few Photoshop edits, this picture was created and it reminded me of FlashPoint,
despite the title within the picture "Crisis on Infinite Earths."
This Picture was shared like wild fire!
A few months later the same original picture was photoshopped again...

#2. During the CrossOver episodes between The Flash and Arrow, 
Savage sent off an explosion that would have destroyed a lot, 
if Barry hadn't out ran the blast by time traveling 
into the past and getting a reboot. 
In FlashPoint Paradox, the ending climax is Barry out running the Atom blast 
that was destroying the whole world; running into the past to stop himself from saving his mom. 
We saw that somewhere in The Flash too, didn't we?

#3. During one of the early flashbacks with Harrison Wells of Earth 2, on Earth 2, 
we hear a newscast in the background revealing the identity of Earth 2's Green Arrow. 
It's Robert Queen, Oliver's father, and Oliver was the one to die when the boat went down.
Since we can't have Batman on the show, a lot of 'Batman' story stuff has been added to Arrow. 
In FlashPoint Paradox, Bruce dies as a child and his Father is the one to become Batman.
You can see the influence here, right?

#4. In episode 18, during Season 2 of The Flash, we find out the 'Truth' about Hunter Zolomon's
Speedster Origins. He was in a mental hospital being treated with electro shock therapy 
when the Particle Accelerator on Earth 2 exploded and it's wave of dark matter hit. 
Hunter strapped in the chair, looks a lot like the Flash 
on the night he tried to get his powers back.

#5. Next week, Harry and Barry are as determined as Barry in FlashPoint Paradox was to get his
 powers back. He did, they're doing, this by recreating the event that gave Barry his powers. 
Once again the visual similarities are hard to ignore.

The creators of CW's The FLASH are obviously influenced and favor the run of FlashPoint Paradox.
The few references to FlashPoint I mentioned above are not the only ones
 in the series and they won't be they last.

So what is your favorite FlashPoint influenced moment on the Show?
Do you have a FlashPoint moment not mentioned above? 
I'd love to hear it! Post it in the comments below!

Until Next Time...
Check out the Trailer for next weeks episode of The FLASH!
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