The Flash in BatmanVSuperman #Spoilers

Ok People! You know me, It's All About The FLASH!
As much as I Love Grant Gustin's version of the FLASH,

Our first sight of him is right after the (K)nightmare Scene 
of a what looks like Post Apocalyptic World with Superman ruling with an Iron Fist.
After seeing the Cyborg surveillance clip with the Motherbox and reading other Reviews
I realize there is a bigger picture and Darkseid is involved. #JusticeLeague

Bruce wakes suddenly from the (K)nightmare 
To have a flashing bright light and figure reaching out to him. 
It is the FLASH!

BRUCE! Bruce! Listen to me now!
It's Lois! Lois Lane! She's the key!
Am I too soon? NO! I'm too soon!
You're right about him! You've always been right about him!
Find us! You have to find us!

This is the dire message the Flash gives Bruce.
Were you confused? I sure was, and I think... so was Bruce.
Because he, like I, was only thinking about this story, this moment, but 
The FLASH even said it himself, "I'm too soon!"
So Lois was not the Key in this movie, but she will be in the future.

Put this message from the Flash to the side for now. It's important! 
And an Easter Egg for Future Movies, but for the moment it will just confuse you.
Watch the rest of the movie, and at the end when Bruce turns to Diana and tells her, 
"We need to find the others like her." 
And the sand shifts/rises on Clark's coffin, 
Remember the Message...

We do get one more glimpse of the FLASH...
... Stopping a convenient store robbery.
Seeing him in simple hero mode was a lot of fun!
I was very pleased with the clip!

The only hope I have for the future with the Flash is that... He cleans up a bit.
In this scene, he honestly looks dirty, grungy, and like he's homeless.

It seems like most people are against Ezra Miller as the FLASH.
After the movie came out, some people are totally for him now.
I had hoped after seeing this movie, 
I'd have my decision on Ezra Miller as The Flash...
But I Don't. 
There just wasn't enough to base a decision on him just yet!

So are you a Fan of Ezra's Flash? What do you think of the Flash's role in the movie?
Are you read for Justice League in 2017, or Flash in 2018?
Let me know in the comments below!

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