SuperGirl X Flash Crossover Sneak Peek

While we've known the synopsis and seen a couple of pictures 
from the set of Supergirl's 'World's Finest' Episode
Visual official leaks have been really low.
It took two and a half days for the 30 second trailer to come on Youtube,
believe me I've been checking.
Now, not only do we have a 30 second trailer, 
but also a minute and a half Sneak Peek!
I love how these two Superheroes are like,
"You've never heard of me? Damn, I thought the whole world knew?"
How Narcissistic are they?
Then Barry's like, "Oh, phew... it's ok, I think I'm on another Earth. It makes sense now!"

I'm still silently holding out on them being from the same earth 
and just totally oblivious to each other...
I wrote this a few weeks ago at 2am (on the verge of passing out), 
before Hank/Jonn and Alex went on the run.

Haven't had the chance to see the 30 second trailer?
No Worries! Watch it here :)

How excited are you for this episode?!

SuperGirl X Flash Crossover Sneak Peek SuperGirl X Flash Crossover Sneak Peek Reviewed by Natalia Portal on March 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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