Saturday Morning #NoReadingRecommendations

Hello Weekenders!
        It's Saturday morning and instead of reading another Fanfiction over the next day or so, you should grab a bowl of cereal and watch some Saturday Morning Cartoons!
Grab yourself a bowl of Cheerios
And settle into the couch in about an hour to watch
DC SuperHero Girls at 10am on Boomerang
And when the show is over, you'll still have something to do!
Pull the BatmanVSuperman Comic Book out of the Cereal Box!
#1 Playground Heroes
#2 Field Trip
#3 Picture Proof
& #4 Lights Out

PS. Publix Super Markets has 
boxes of Cheerios with the comic books on Sale!
BOGOFree @ $3.83
Make sure you get the specially marked packages!

I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!
Yours truly,

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