#KeepBingingYJ on Netflix

I love Young Justice
you can tell by the amount of Fanfiction I recommend that comes from that category!
So instead of a Fanfiction Recommendation I'm going to tell you to
Start and #KeepBingingYJ on Netflix!
(you're going to see a lot of '#KeepBingingYJ in this post)

Watch Young Justice Season 1 AND 2, and spread the word to #KeepBingingYJ
So Netflix will make a Season Three!
#clickthelink -----> Watch YJ on Netflix

to find out How Much Young Justice means to me!
(The short version, YJ got me into comics)

As the Voice Actor of Kid Flash said on Twitter::
Kid Flash isn't the only one, 
Check out this Video by Jason Marsden AKA Impulse

Miss Martian Has a few words to say on Twitter!

A lot, if not all the Actors are waiting...
"Remember guys! Impulse, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Artemis and Superboy 
are waiting for their call again! Let's help them out! #KeepBingingYJ"

Check out all these Pics and Meme's people have made for the Movement!
Join the Movement and 

vv This guy has made a lot of the pictures going around social media, check out his FaceBook Page HERE...vv

Have you seen Young Justice before this movement?
If you did, what's your favorite episode? 
If Not, How do you like it so Far?
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