John Wesley Shipp is BACK and Kevin Smith Directs!

With another 11 Days before The Flash comes back,
we are getting more and more news of what the end of the season entails.
In the next upcoming episodes we have a female speedster, 
Barry learning the true face behind Zoom, A kidnapped Wells, Supergirl(but that's another series),
Is this Season 2 barry caught and put in Season 1's pipeline, or Season 1 Barry put in Season 2's Pipeline?
Did I confuse you? because I just confused myself! LOL

Anyway we've got a lot of information, more recently for Season 2's Episode 21 
which will be directed by Kevin Smith
Also confirmed Guest Star in the Episode will be 
John Wesley Shipp!

We can see him, here, at the Table Reading for the Episode (2nd person on the left).
Original picture  posted on JWS FB page

So what will be happening in this episode? We don't know exactly yet. 
There's no official, or unofficial synopsis yet. 
But this picture from Grant Gustin on Instagram tells us we're heading to a cabin in the woods!
One of my favorite parts from Season One is having this Dynamic Duo,
Father/son relationship having a heart to heart talk, which we have been severely lacking as of late.
Hopefully we'll learn more of why Henry Allen 
has stayed away from Central City (and his son) or is Barry just doing his round of 
"People Please talk me out of doing something dumb and dangerous!" 
With only two more episodes after this, we'll be in the home stretch of the Season's Epic Finale!

Directing the reunion of Barry and Henry Allen (and the rest of this episode) is Kevin Smith! 
An Avid Fan of the show, Podcaster, and Film-maker in his own right 
(Clerks, Mallrats, Reaper , & etc),
 Kevin Smith is determined to give us one heck of an episode! 
Reading his posts about his experience on the set just gets you pumped!
A picture from Kevin Smith's FBpage.

The FLASH comes back on March 22nd 
With Season 2 Episode 16

**Episode 21 aires May 4th**

John Wesley Shipp is BACK and Kevin Smith Directs! John Wesley Shipp is BACK and Kevin Smith Directs! Reviewed by Natalia Portal on March 11, 2016 Rating: 5

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