DC SuperHero Girls

I haven't watched cartoons on Saturday Morning in quite a long time, but that might just change now!
I'm not a big fan of cartoons in recent years, as most are just to occupy kids and make them laugh.
I always enjoyed cartoons and kid shows that taught you something or there was a goal 
at the end, like Rugrats or Yu-gi-oh or Pokemon. I've tried with some more recent
cartoons, like Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go; they just didn't sit right 
with me. The visual appearance of the show also has a lot of say in 
my watching of a show. 

DC SuperHero Girls
This show looks both visually appealing and, from the 
summary of the new episode, has a mission/goal to accomplish.

Last Summer DC SuperHero Girls Launched their Official website, in October they began their 
web series, and now their first Episode will appear on the small screen on
March 19, 2016 at 10am on Boomerang!

We'll be seeing lots of familiar DC Faces:
Principal Waller/ Amanda Waller - We know from Arrow as the recently deceased leader of 
                 A.R.G.U.S. and usually the commanding head of the Suicide Squad. Now she's simply a 
                 principal of a Superhero High School.  
Vice Principal Grodd/ Gorilla Grodd - In the CW Series, The Flash, Grodd was sent to Gorilla City 
                 on Earth Two, but here he is a reformed Villain educating young minds. When something 
                 goes wiry at Superhero High young Barry Allen and his friends are on the case and suspect 
                 who else than Gorilla Grodd...
SuperGirl - The New Girl
BatGirl - The Smart One
Wonder Woman/Girl - The Popular One
and many more...
This looks like a really fun show for everyone!
Tune in This Saturday Morning at 10am on Boomerang!
The more viewers we have the more likely the show will be picked up for an actual season!

Check out The DC SuperHero Girls Website Here!

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