A Series of Sneak Peeks #SupergirlMeetsTheFlash

Hey Flash Fans!
This Monday we're all in for a Real Treat!
It's Supergirl 
Guest Starring The FLASH!
Just a small heads up if you are up to date with the Flash...
Rumor has it Flash's encounter with Supergirl happens after Tuesday's New Episode...
What does this mean?! What should I do?!
Watch Supergirl on Monday Night, with an open mind and good heart. Enjoy It!
Also Record Supergirl's episode, then wait for Tuesday night 
and Watch the newest episode of The Flash! 
Right after the Flash ends, rewatch Supergirl's Episode!
It'll make sense now :)

I Love how they're just like You don't know me? #ImFamous

I think of all the Sneak Peeks that came out, This One is my favorite!
Barry and Wynn get their nerd on, Jimmy is adorably confused #SupergirlsJoe, and
Kara's happy for Ice Cream! #YESSSSS #SupergirlMeetsTheFlash

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Barry&Wynn get their nerd on, Jimmy is adorably confused & Kara's happy 4 IceCream! #YESSSSS #SupergirlMeetsTheFlash http://ctt.ec/0Khd3+

My first question watching this scene was...
Why is Barry in Cat's office?
Although I loved the scene itself! When Barry first speaks and Wynn just like taps him, like
'shut up, shut up, shut up...' and Barry says, "Right, talking is bad."
Then Cat names the Flash, the Blur. Barry's like NO!
And Jimmy's like Hahaha, I'm so on Team Cat this week!

Siobhan and LiveWire Meet. I like their chemistry.
This is obviously very different sneak peek from the other light hearted fun moments,
but I enjoyed it and LiveWire's sarcastic tongue is perfect!

Canada's Global TV Channel has released a few Previews as well on there Facebook Page,
including a clip where Supergirl strips her clothes off and throws them at Barry.
Wow, They're on Fire! #PunsIntended
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