Top 3 Things I Liked about The FLASH #49

Wednesday Night before heading down to the school for 
My Weekly Chapter Meeting with Phi Sigma Pi
I stopped by 
to pick up the latest Issue of 
The FLASH #49

Another Great Issue as Always, So here are my 

#1. As soon as I saw
the Neal Adam's Variant Cover, 
I knew I had to get it!
I just loved the look of it! It's Fantastic!

#2. Wally new found speed, helping him in some ways, freaking
 him out in others, and putting him in a spot of trouble 
as well. Origin stories are my favorite, so being able to read 
The New 52 Wally's
 is so much fun for me right now!

#3. Both in the TV Show and in the Comics, I just love the Father/Son Moments between Barry 
and his Dad. They're really kind of different and special. This issues moment talking 
about Fishing and waterskiing to Running on Water is very endearing!

How did you like the newest issue of The Flash? Did you have any favorite Moments?
Who do you think Trickster is really working for?
How will Barry be himself and 'The Flash in Iron Heights' at the same time?
Top 3 Things I Liked about The FLASH #49 Top 3 Things I Liked about The FLASH #49 Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 26, 2016 Rating: 5

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