Top 3 Favorite Moments in FLASH Issue #48

I waited an extra 2 weeks for 
Issue #48 of FLASH (the comics).
I really enjoyed the Coloring Book Variant Cover I got when Green Lantern #48,
So I decided to buy the same variant cover for FLASH.
I'm Excited to Color it soon!

Over the last few months, 
I had believed my love for Green Lantern and FLASH was the same.
On Wednesday, I realized there was a reason the peeps at my comic book shop call me FlashGirl;
I read FLASH #48 a half hour after I bought it, 
But Issue #49 of Green Lantern (that came out last week) is still in my 'to read' pile. 

So Here is FlashGirl's
Top 3 Favorite moments in FLASH Issue #48 

#1. The first thing Henry Allen does when he 
gets out of Jail is buy a FitBit Wristband. 
Where'd he get the money for that anyway?

#2. Wally's beginning to get his speedster powers. I came into reading 
comics only recently and therefore missed some of Wally in earlier issues. 
From what I've heard, he like Barry a lot, but hates the Flash. How will this 
all work out? The curiosity is killing me!

#3. It's a Rogues Story! I Love the Rogues 
and can't wait to read the next several issues 
with the Rogues in the forefront!

So what were your favorite moments? 
Was there anything else you liked about the latest issue?
Top 3 Favorite Moments in FLASH Issue #48 Top 3 Favorite Moments in FLASH Issue #48 Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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