Starting to draw again... DKA dragon

I'm starting to become a little obsessed with art. My first venture I finished proudly was a painting of the FLASH (click here to see it!). Since then I painted something for my store manager when she left, Christmas presents for the family, and I'm almost finished with a green lantern painting. Recently I've decided to try to get better at drawing so everything is smoother when I paint... 
A little over a month ago I started outlining a painting for my Film Fraternity Delta Kappa Alpha, but didn't get too far because the face of the dragon wasn't right. I put the project off to the side a while ago because I didn't know how to fix it... Practice makes perfect, so here a drawing draft and I'm just gonna keep working on it until I'm ready! 

Starting to draw again... DKA dragon Starting to draw again... DKA dragon Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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