Fanfiction Recommendation: Going Rogue

Good Morning Weekend-ers!
         It's another beautiful weekend here in South Florida, but I'm sure it's beautiful where ever you are too! I'll be off to the Movies in just a short few minutes, but when I come home after what else will I have to do this weekend? Work, only a few hours, they actually gave most of it off for me. Nah, mainly I'll be reading! With lots of free time, here's one heck of an awesome story! As you can guess, I love reading stories with either Impulse (Bart) or Kid Flash (Wally), they are my Favs! A lot of fanfictions show Wally relationship with the Rogues is rather friendly and I love it, but because they are bad guys it can really put Wally in a spot! Check out this story::

Going Rogue by eternal mist 
After getting into a fight with his Uncle, Wally runs away from home. Angry and depressed, Wally accepts Trickster's and Pied Piper's offer to join the rogues. Will he snap out of it in time? Or is the allure of darkness to strong for the speedster...

      This Completed 30 Chapter Story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and leave you wanting more! Eternal Mist work both makes you cringe and cheer for Wally as he takes this trip down the Rogues' rabbit hole. You understand where Wally is coming from and why he's making these decisions, but you hope he realizes how deep he is in for and comes home soon! There's a twist or two I didn't see coming, so Enjoy ! If you decided to read this story, if you decided to review this story please post ' IAO#fangirling ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks!
Fanfiction Recommendation: Going Rogue Fanfiction Recommendation: Going Rogue Reviewed by Natalia Portal on February 20, 2016 Rating: 5

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