52, where did it come from?

I'm new to comics so I don't know the whole thing,
I haven't read every issue, I can only go by what I learn as I delve farther into this new world.
Since beginning my trip into the comic book world, I've been wondering...
Why 52, new 52, 52 worlds, 52 breaches, lab 52, etc?
It's obvious, DCcomics has a 52 fetish!
Then I did a search...
Apparently 52 comes from the amount of weeks in a year
and back in 2006/2007 DCcomics published a weekly comic called '52'
to explain the details of what happened during the missing year in Infinite Crisis.
This is the farthest back I can find the connection of DCcomics and the number 52.
The New 52, from what I understand, is a product of the Flashpoint Storyline,
And the Convergence Storyline had both Pre & Post New 52 characters.

All this 52 this and 52 that, 
can only be traced back about 10 years online...
But are there other references to the number 52
 in older DCcomics that led to the current obsession with the number?

I found one from Sept. 1974
In The FLASH #229 (100pgs for $.60)
Barry Allen as the Flash goes to Earth Two
 to find Jay Garrick trying to catch the villain, Rag Doll.

When Barry first arrives on Earth Two, he goes to Jay house,
He lives at 5252 78th street. 
A coincedence? 
Maybe... Maybe Now...

Have you found any Pre-2006 52 references?
I'd love to see or read them!
So comment below!

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