Young Justice and it's Universe of Potential

I honestly Haven't watched a lot of Cartoons in recent years.
Animation on TV these days honestly don't appeal to my eyes, I just can't watch them.
Shows like 'Teen Titans Go', 'The Amazing World of Gumball', and 'Phineas&Ferb',
in my opinion, both lack substance and visual appeal.
Then again, these shows are made for kids, and I'm far from that these day...
None-the-less, I remember adults sitting down with me when I was a kid and watching cartoons 
with me: Rugrats, Care Bears, Dragonball Z, and Justice League.

After watching CW's The Flash, I wanted more of the DC Hero and searched online. I knew it might 
be cartoons, but I'd try anything once. I found Young Justice and fell in love.
Young Justice was one of the best Cartoons I'd seen in Years!
And then I found out it was cancelled 
after it's second season.

Young Justice was a Universe of Potential!
And the following Article really fleshes it out, and talks about the missed opportunities.
Check it Out!

If you're a big fan of Young Justice and want another Season, 
Join the Movement on FaceBook at Young Justice DC - Comeback Media Campaign

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