TOP 10 POP! I Want!

Funko POP! (s) are the New Thing to Collect.
I personally only have one, a friend gave me... And an action figure, someone else gave me.
They're just not on my priority purchase list, like food and comics to read are :P
But I do want them and when I have the money I plan to purchase them!
In the meantime here's my list of 
TOP 10 POP! I Want!

#1. Captain Cold! - I Currently have The Flash (10) and if I only got one more POP! in life, I'd like to 
                               make it a Pair.
#2. TV Flash - It's The Best Show out there right now, so yes! I Want It!
#3. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - I've been a Green Lantern Fan since I was little, it was the first 
                              super hero that I liked. I really hope they bring him in on Arrow!
#4. Blue Lantern Flash! - I just finished reading Blackest Night! And although this is a specialty 
                              POP! I think it's really cool and the colors really POP! (Pun intended)
#5. Simba - Lion King is one of my All Time Favorite Movies! I had everything Lion King, from 
                             shirts to bed covers, room morals to posters! This would be a great small reminder.
#6. Doc. Brown - I Love Back to the Future, it's one of my favorite Sagas! 
#7. The 10th Doctor - I Loved David Tennant as the Doctor, on Doctor Who! It took me a while to 
                            see him as the Doctor though and not as Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter.
#8. Weeping Angel - I Honestly Don't know Why I want this POP! There's just something that calls 
                            out to me when I see it. Creepy? ... Yes, yes it is!
#9. Reverse Flash - Finish out the TV Flash Collection for Basic POP! (s) Sounds pretty cool! And I 
                           really Like the Look of him!
#10. Santa Clause! - Christmas is my favorite Holiday and having a Santa POP! feels right...

I'm not the type of person to buy these types of things because 
They look cool, the art is awesome, they're collectibles, or because I want to resell them for profit.
(^^all very valid reasons^^)
The ones I want are something more; they represent memories for me.
A TV Show that opened a whole new world for me; a childhood dream almost forgotten; when all other paraphinalia is gone, a small POP is here; and all the years of Christmas morning remembered through one little figurine. It's crazy!

So I curious, 
How many POP! (s) Do you have? Which Ones are your Favorites? 
Which ones are you trying to get? Why do you collect them?

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