The Lantern's Oath

After reading Blackest Night,
and learning all about the different Lantern Corps from 
both the Comics and the Animated Series
I thought I'd write the Oaths!

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, 
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight, 
Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might,
Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light!

In Blackest Day, In Brightest Night,
Beware Your Fears Made Into Light,
Let Those Who Try To Stop What's Right,
Burn Like My Power Sinestro's Might!

In Fearful Day, In Raging Night,
With Strong Hearts Full, Our Souls Ignite,
When All Seems Lost In The War Of Light,
Look To The Stars, For Hope Burns Bright!

With Blood And Rage Of Crimson Red,
Ripped From The Corpse So Freshly Dead,
Together With Our Hellish Hate,
We'll Burn You All That Is Your Fate!

For Hearts Long Lost And Full Of Fright,
For Those Alone In Blackest Night,
Accept Our Ring And Join Our Fight,
Love Conquers All With Violet's Light!

What's Mine Is Mine And Mine And Mine,
And Mine And Mine And Mine!
Not Yours!

Tor Lorek San, Bor Nakka Mur,
Natromo Faan Tornek Wot Ur,
Ter Lantern Ker Lo Abin Sur,
Taan Lek Lek Nok, Formorrow Sur!

The Blackest Night Falls From The Skies,
The Darkness Grows As All Light Dies,
We Crave Your Hearts and Your Demise,
By My Black Hand, The Dead Shall Rise!

**All my online, cartoon, film, and comic searches
have ended with a no go. It appears the 
White Lantern Corp doesn't have an official Oath;
Although there are a few very good fan made ones!**

I do have to say, the Green Lantern's Oath is my favorite!
But if I had to choose another it would be...
The Blue Lantern Corps!

So which one is you favorite Lantern Corps Oath?
Have you made a Fan-Made Oath for any of the Lantern Corps?
Share it with us!
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