Phi Sigma Pi!

Slightly out of the norm of my usual posting, but as I've said before 
I Am Obsessed with a lot of things!

PHI SIGMA PI - National Honor Fraternity
Is a National Gender Inclusive  Honor Organization that was founded on the Tripod of 
Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship!
With more than 150 Chapter Nationwide, nearly 6,000 Current members , and 45,000 Alumni, 
We Celebrate our Centennial this Year on 
February 14th, 2016!

There is no better time to join!

I personally joined during my second semester at the University of Miami in the Spring of 2012. The rush process was fun and easy. If at any point we were having trouble, the current brothers were more than flexible to work with us. Our brothers today, carry on the tradition!
During my time in PSP I've learned about Climate Change, baseball, how to salsa dance, and how to make sushi and pretzels through our scholarship events. I even got to Host a scholarship event and taught my brothers how to Coupon! 

A couple of years before I joined Phi Sigma Pi, I volunteered at a ranch that helped special needs kids. I loved working with the kids, and the horses. I was volunteering just because I wanted to and therefore I was often left to sit around and do nothing because there were kids that HAD to have volunteer hours. As a group with PSP, volunteering is easier and a lot of fun since you're not all alone.You have a team to cheer for you during Relay for Life, Someone to spread peanut butter to match your jelly for the sandwiches you make for the homeless, A partner to hold the bag while you clean up the beach.

I can't tell you how many times my Brothers have been there when I needed them, or I when they needed someone. We are all connected and whether its during one of our social events like: formal, at a football game, iceskating, movie night; or just in our time of need, like when you have a flat tire, need a place to sleep for the night, needed an extra pair of hands to carry a bunch of stuff, want to do a late night coffee run. As a commuter, it takes me 45 minutes to get to and from campus. It was one of the best things ever to have a brother that would let me sleep on their couch when we had late night events!

What's great about Phi Sigma Pi is the brotherhood is not limited to just your chapter! 
This is a Nationwide Fraternity! 
Opportunities and Open Doors everywhere you turn!

This is not your Average Fraternity!
Check today to see if your school has a Phi Sigma Pi Chapter!
No Chapter? No Problem! 
Check out The Official Website to see how you can start a chapter today!

Are you a student at the University of Miami? Would you like to join Our Brotherhood?
Come out tonight at 7pm in Dooly Memorial 204 for our Info Session!
We will also be hosting a few other events like...
Game Night (Dooly 107, 1/25/16 @ 7pm)
Eat A Human (Dooly 105, 1/26/16 @ 7pm), & Zombie Paint Tag (On The Green, 1/28/16 @ 8pm)

Invite only Events TBA

Check out our UMiami PSP FaceBook Page!
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