Magic City Comic Con - Too Shy to meet the Stars

As I've said before this was My First Comic Con
And I was with my brother, which allows me to hide since his personality is stronger.
He was the one to lead the path as we moved around the convention.

If the trip to Magic City Comic Con had been planned, I would've gone on Saturday 
because John Wesley Shipp was doing a Q&A at 4:45pm. 
It would've been so cool to be there since I love his character on The Flash
and he's in the same Flash FaceBook Group I'm in!
 My brother decided to go last minute on Friday and so we got there about 5:45pm on Friday
and just wondered around. We were walking through the Exhibition Room, 
when I turned around and there he was! 
John Wesley Shipp talking to some kids and signing autographs. 
I stepped backwards nearly tripping over my brother, who was like 'WTF?' He looks over and says, "Oh... The camera really does add ten pounds, he's skinny."
 It just took me all by surprise and I really don't like to be one of those: 
"OMG! It's Him, It's Him, It's Him!" Jumping up and down like a five year old FanGirl, 
But look at this Blog! I am! 
But I try to act calm and collected when I meet famous people 
because they're just people too. 
Needless to say, I could barely speak to my brother, 
much less say a few words to Mr. John Wesley Shipp and decided Next Time!

I'll be prepared Next Time!

Were you ever too shy to meet someone when you had the chance to?
Are you a calm fan, or an over excited fan?
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