Magic City Comic Con - My ComicBook Score!

After my most recent trip to a Comic Con I now know to have a little extra cash in my pocket
Because I really didn't have a lot to spare this weekend, but luckily there was a great deal to be had!
I only wish I had more money to spend because I just couldn't pass up the $1 a comic booth 
with thousands of comics! I originally was just picking out tons of Flash comics, 
but then I had to take a step back and put several back. After a small debate,
I choose a total of 10 Flash Comics.

A few I knew I wanted like the TVSpecial with John Wesley Shipp on the front, a rogues story, 
and a Vandal Savage story; others I got because they have Green Lantern side stories. 
Some I got because they were big/long stories.
I'm taking my time reading them, which has been so much fun!
Magic City Comic Con - My ComicBook Score! Magic City Comic Con - My ComicBook Score! Reviewed by Natalia Portal on January 19, 2016 Rating: 5

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