Magic City Comic Con - Game of Thrones Q&A

While wondering aimlessly around the convention,
we happened upon the Q&A for Game of Thrones and while I'm not a current viewer,
it made me rethink that choice! The stars were funny,
the people asking question were good.
It was by far my favorite part of Magic City Comic Con!
It still amazes me sometimes, some people...
When they began they said, "we're going to have a line down the cent--"
and someone had just popped up to be first in line.
"-- ok," they continued. "and no questions can be about what Season 6 will be about"
The person who had jumped up to be first in line, visibly slumped.
I mean come on! This is my first Comic Con and even I know Stars aren't suppose to reveal 
spoilers for the new season!

I really learned a lot about Game of Thrones and even more about film production.
Question were asked about the star's acting background, school, and jobs before GoT; 
training for swords play; how they film 'sex scenes' and how they package... 'the package'; and so much more. Sometimes they would go on tangents about random stuff...
Like the guy in the Star Wars Cosplay Costume...

 Spoiler Cosplay, is that the next step?
Magic City Comic Con - Game of Thrones Q&A Magic City Comic Con - Game of Thrones Q&A Reviewed by Natalia Portal on January 18, 2016 Rating: 5

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