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Good Morning Weekend-ers,
        It's time for another FANtastic Story! Do you like a good mystery? Do you want to know more about Bart's tragic past in the future? Do you want to see Wally as a big brother to Bart through the troubling times? Or Tim being super protective and determined to find the truth behind Bart's injuries? Good, Bad, Tears, and Cheers, this story has it all! I began reading this one since the author published their first chapter! Check it out!

Flash of Green by WynneForTheWin 

How can so much happen in 8 short years? The Reach are gone and Wally's back. It should be a happily ever after type of life now-it isn't. Just when the Flash Family and the Team are establishing a sense of normalcy, a new crisis strikes that's disturbingly close to home. Bart finds himself the unknowing target while his friends and family desperately struggle to save him.

13 Chapters and counting, this Story isn't over, but looks like it wrapping up soon! Let's hope everyone finds their place in this crazy world. If you read this story, review it! WynneForTheWin, I'm sure would love to know what you think. If you decided to read this story, if you decided to review this story please post ' IAO#fangirling ' in your review to show My Blog sent you! Thanks!

**With each new story recommendation are whole new plots and character. The past of a character in one story will be different from another.**
Fanfiction Recommendation! Fanfiction Recommendation! Reviewed by Natalia Portal on January 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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