CW's newest shows may not go to Netflix

Post on Facebook started to Scare me when I saw
'Say Goodbye to your Favorite CW Shows on Netflix'
I read the article and then decided to see where they got their info from
And confirm it with other reliable sources, like the Wall Street Journal

According to WSJ, the CW is considering other partners for their new shows to stream on since the
 Netflix Deal (4yr contract starting in 2011) has expired. The CW is willing to extend the current 
deal under certain circumstances, Netflix wants more. It all comes down to 
dollar signs and zeros, and both need to come to a proper compromise 
that benefits all. From the way it sounds, Netflix is asking for too many rights to CW's 
property. While global rights would be great for people all over the world, they may also have 
hidden clauses and loop holes that may hurt The CW in the future. 
Which is why it will be between 6 to 9 months 
before the issue is resolved.

Whatever happens in the end will not change the current shows that are on Netflix. 
The Four Year Deal stated that all new shows (and all future seasons) the CW puts on during those 
years will be available for Streaming on Netflix. New Shows like DC's Legends of Tomorrow 
and Crazy Ex- Girlfriend are the shows that will not be available to stream on Netflix if a 
resolution is not found. Current Shows like The Flash, Arrow, Jane the Virgin, 
The 100, Supernatural and Etc. will not be effected or taken down from 
Netflix. All Future seasons of the current shows on 
Netflix will be added in the years to come. 

I totally understand CW taking it's time and exploring all options before making a final decision, especially with Netflix asking for so much. Business is a delicate thing. Even if CW took it's 
newer shows and put them on a private streaming service like CBS or something, but left 
the others on Netflix, would be fine. Netflix has the beginning catalyst of Arrow and 
Flash, but if you want Legends you have to go to CBS and now that you 
have CBS, check out all these other shows we have there!

So what do you think of everything? Are you worried? 
Is Netflix asking too much? Is the CW being fickle? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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