Back from the Dead! #filmproject

        Wow, that project took up all my time because it was due so soon! I got it done, it was not the best, but Time was seriously an issue! Most people don't know what it really takes to make a short video, much less a movie!
         On Tuesday Night I was asked (but it wasn't really asking, I had to do it) to make a short film for My Store Manager who was  transferring to another store. She'd been with us for 10yrs, which is unusual, the limit is every
five years. In the past, we've done videos for other long time employees that left us. I've been the main person filming and editing the videos the last three times because My store manager found out I was a film student. I'm technically paid while I did the films, but because they underestimate how much work goes into it, it's not enough. It's crazy! Honestly, they think the production part (what they see me doing) is what takes the longest, but it's actually the shortest. Pre-Production and Post Production is longer and more work.
         So let me tell you... Pre-Production included searching the web and social media for pictures and comments! Appropriate songs, and just finding out what she likes. I had to come up with a time plan for both Production and Post, and a general 'story line' for the film. The 'story line' is often difficult in these 'leaving' films because it just kind of changes with the people and what they say...
        The Production part is probably the most fun, because I was just running around the store, talking to people and filming like crazy and laughing. I spent a total of 8hrs at the store filming. At times it was stressful because some people are so camera shy they're rude about it. I tried to work with those people, write a little message and I can add it in, or if nothing else sign this poster/painting that we are giving her. A few were grateful for those options, others were down right NO!! to everything. So Mean it drove me crazy! The 8hrs were spread over Wednesday and Thursday, so we could get as many people as possibly on the video and so I finished all filming by Thursday at 7:30pm.
          So Post Production Editing was an overnighter! A total of 12 hours +. 12hrs was literally sitting at the computer with adobe Premiere Pro, the (+) was the bits and pieces I was doing here and there actively working on the project. I did NOT sleep Thursday night! And I still had to work a 3 hour shift as a bagger Friday morning. That was ample time I could have used for editing because I'm a perfectionist, and this film was not perfect. The deadline was a bit more important than the perfect quality of the video. I finished it completely, burned DVD and all at 3:15pm and it was due at 4pm.

       I had some fun with the editing. I did a few music montages, a StarWars title scroll, and of course outtakes. I'd post the video, but it's strictly private use since it was filmed on private company property.

       I will Miss our Store Manager! She hired me almost 9yrs ago, and while we had our moments She truly is a great person and I'll probably visit her at the new store a few time :P .

So this was my excuse for not blogging these last few day!
I literally just came out of a 13 hour coma after being up for 40hrs straight!
I'm back and a Fanfiction recommendation is on it way, plus a very late Flash Quote Friday!!
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