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         It's time for a good story and boy do I got One for you! Do you hope Kid Flash(AKA. Wally West) didn't die in the Season Finally of Young Justice Season 2? Do you think there's more to Bart's story in the future? Do you want to know how Dick is dealing with the lost of his best friend? And What the Heck Happened to Wally?! Find out now in this FanFiction Story, called "A Tempest of Ash!"

A Tempest of Ash by MiriB
Wally didn't die when the chrysalis' energy attacked him. His family thought he did. His friends thought he did. Even he thought he did. But Bart didn't. Bart knew what really happened.

It's still In Progress at 14 chapters, but coming down to it's final chapter very soon! This was one of the first Young Justice Fanfictions I read because of Bart, and it made me love Wally more! It's a fantastic read. 

FanFiction Recommendation! FanFiction Recommendation! Reviewed by Natalia Portal on December 26, 2015 Rating: 5

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