Young Justice Day!

          Around this time last year I was obsessing over the incredible season the freshman series: The FLASH was having, and I wanted more of the Flash! So I watched and episode of Justice League Unlimited and honestly there were so many characters in it, the Flash wasn't even seen, but Green Arrow was there! :D It was fun, but didn't satisfy my need for the Flash...
          Then I saw Young Justice in my Netflix suggestion section, so I gave it a try, was satisfied within the first five minutes, and after about 12 1/2 hours later I wanted more! To say I was disappointed there was nothing more on Netflix, was an understatement. I went searching again, I honestly didn't know there was a second season for a few months. It was after I saw a few youtube videos of impulse and the Flash speed talking and Kid Flash only caught about every 5th word... "all I heard was something about funnel cake!" I wanted to know what this was from, considering the animation was somewhat similar to Young Justice, and that's when I found out about Season 2!
         I watched Season Two online through several different websites since NETFLIX(despite the picture they have on display for it) DOESNT HAVE SEASON TWO! And my true love of the Flash Family cemented fully and it sent me to the world of comic books. I am now proud owner of over 70 comics and counting!
        As great and awesome as the CW series of The FLASH is, it was Young Justice that got me to go to the local Comic Book Store! I'm an Avid Impulse Fan and I'm working on collecting the entire Impulse comic collection. This would not have happened if Young Justice (on Cartoon Network/Netflix/internet) didn't exist. 

Please extend the Young Justice universe by creating Season 3
and Let new and old viewers enjoy the heroes of tomorrow, today!

Click the top Picture or RIGHT HERE to see how you can help 
Bring Young Justice Back for another season or more, 
or at least get Season Two on Netflix! 

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