Give Thanks to Flarrow CrossOver!

This ThanksGiving we have a lot to be thankful for, 
one of those is for the Flash/ Arrow CrossOver Event that will feature and boost Our 
Legends Of Tomorrow
(Staring this Spring)
Episodes 2.08 of Flash and 4.08 of Arrow will air on Nov. 24 & 25, respectively.
Depending on how you look at it fortunately or unfortunately, these two episodes are episodic
Meaning you should/must watch both to understand it.
Plus, you don't want to miss seeing NINE Superheroes on one screen!

Now the question is who all is in this Super scene?
White Canary
Firestorm(is he considered one or two people?)

Well there is seven(or eight) that is 98% sure will be there, 
but the next I mention separately because either 
1. They aren't exactly heroes or 2. We haven't met them yet...
Captain Cold
Rip Hunter

What are your guesses? 
And Are you Ready for this Epic CrossOver!

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