FLASH Season 2 Episode 5 Review

            We left Episode 4 with the anticipated arrival of Wells from Earth 2 in Star Labs. We are not disappointed! Episode 5 starts in Star Labs of Earth 2 as Harrison Wells reveals his latest invention an App that detects MetaHumans with a Speedster Alert. In arrives Jay Garrick, The Flash of Earth 2, and they are not fond of each other. We also get a glimpse of a young lady that calls Wells ‘Dad’… Dun, Dun, Duunnn, Wells has a Daughter? Where is Tess?! And this young lady is the actress that will/is play(ing) Jesse Quick, another speedster? What?! Just what? And this all happens in less than 2 minutes?! Well, I guess it isn’t that surprising… it is the FLASH!
            Present Day, in Earth 1 Star Labs everyone meets Harrison Wells with different reactions. Barry defends him, since he saved his life from King Shark. Cisco can’t look him in the eye, calls him Harry, and is annoyed beyond repair by this guy. Caitlin runs tests, lots of tests. Joe tries to shoot him. Iris is stunned. Jay punches him. And Wells is a… Dick! With some great lines!

“Yeah I didn’t follow any of that. I’m my own man. I have nothing to do with the murder of your mother, or your friend Ricky.”
“His name’s Ronnie!”
“Him either…”

“You look just like him…”
“I’m guessing my counterpart did something to offend her as well?”
“Her fiancé died because of him.”
"Oh." *Wells stares for a moment and then walks away.*

            At CCJitters, Barry shoots down Patty, when she asks him to help her with a report, with a science stuff excuse. Then Cisco gets shot down by Hawkgirl/Kendra Sanders, when he tries to ask her out. After the rejection, Cisco gets one of his Vibes! Dr. Light is at Central City Bank; her goal is to steal a crap-load of money and get the heck out of dodge.
Round one ends with Light leaving empty handed, while Flash saves several people from a hard landing. My first thought was “Wow, lucky this comfy chair was here.” I swear this ‘crash landing into a chair’ thing is a theme this last week! I know I saw it at least one other time, maybe in 007 Spector (good movie J).  
Round two was a draw too. Once again Dr. Light leaves empty handed and Flash is blinded. He literally has to go on a blind date with Patty (whom he asked out just a day before).  The thing between Barry and Patty had felt really forced, until this date. They were cute and sweet, with Barry and his blindly mad skills, while Patty was awkwardly adorable.
After round two there is a bit of a recess while Barry goes on his date, Jay and Caitlin go on their ‘stake out date.’ Jay and Caitlin go to make sure Earth One Linda Parks stays safe, the bond over stories and nearly make out. Dr. Light interrupts that! I don’t know, I think letting them tongue wrestle would have been distracting enough to stall them and give you enough time to kill your double, Miss Light. Destroying their vehicle and hopefully knocking them out alert them of your presents so once they were ‘okay’ Jay was all over you!
Round three was won by the Flash and his newly learned power/trick, Speed Mirage! Thank you Mr. Wells. What other speedster tricks do you know… you know, for a guy that is not a speedster?
Iris was pretty Bad@$$ this episode, with her shooting at Dr. Light and swallowing the pill that is seeing the guy the your fiancé died for to end his existence. Cisco is outed as being a Meta, by the none-too-blunt Mr. Wells and his savvy Meta App! Honestly, the whole Cisco trying to use his power willingly scene and it not working was pretty funny. The only thing that sorta put me off with this episode was how groody Cisco was. It just really bothered me.
Above everything else in this episode, we learn a lot about Jay Garrick! While yes, he is a hero, he is the Flash of Earth Two, he is also very different from Barry. Jay’s enemy is Zoom, while Barry’s was Reverse Flash. Jay fought Zoom when he had to, but Barry searched for Reverse Flash since before he became the Flash. It’s a clear difference between a Flash that decided to actively do what is right after gaining powers, compared to a Flash that was already actively do what is right before gaining powers.
Overall this is definitely one of my favorite episodes! 

Ps. Everybody deals with Wells differently... Apparently, for me, instead of calling Harrison Wells, Dr. Wells, or Harry, I will call him Mr. Wells from now on... It was the most natural option for me to call him... 
FLASH Season 2 Episode 5 Review FLASH Season 2 Episode 5 Review Reviewed by Natalia Portal on November 09, 2015 Rating: 5

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