Flash Fans in DKA

This Semester at school I decide to join 
Delta Kappa Alpha (DKA)
The National Co-Ed Cinema Fraternity
We are a bunch of Film and TV loving maniacs!
I went to one of the Rush Events, and one of the first people I met was a fellow Flash Fan!
We had a #FanGirl moment!
Now She is my Big! And on the Reveal Day for Big/Little
 it was also her Make-A-Day
(A day in which the pledge class makes a current member's day)
I volunteered to make her day, before I knew she was my Big...
Needless to say, we are perfect for each other!
Her last Gift to me was a Flash POP!  My First POP!
I was so Excited!
And I got her, her First Flash Comic!
Plus some Speedster Fuel (brownies) and a Flash Emblem Card!

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