Last Week was Creepy Movie Week...

Is it me or just the movies I saw Last Week, just a creepy couple of movies that came out? I saw 'The Visit' on Saturday(9/12) Morning and 'The Perfect Guy' on Tuesday (9/15). Both were Very Good and I'd recommend them to anyone who likes those types of movies!

M. Night Shyamalan set himself to High Standards with the Sixth Sense and Signs, but his more recent films have left you disappointed. The Visit was definitely a step in the right direction. You were on edge for most of the movie and you totally understood why the Mother had not seen her parents in so long... and then the twist hits you! That's where he excels, drawing you into a false sense of weirded out security and then he pulls the rug out. The only thing I found that I did not enjoy was the handheld camera method... I know it's popular in horror films, but I just don't like it. The movement of the camera is sometimes so rapid, it makes you sick.  

The Perfect Guy is your average Stalker movie, but it's good. Michael Ealy is truly creepy in his stalking ability. I believe anyone who has seen this film will check under their bed at least once in a while... Especially after you break up with someone.

The Biggest lesson I learned while watching these films was 
know the people you are spending your time with!

Last Week was Creepy Movie Week... Last Week was Creepy Movie Week... Reviewed by Natalia Portal on September 22, 2015 Rating: 5

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