Buying My First Comic Book...

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be one of those comic book reading kids... But it wasn't really a cool thing in my town; then again, I was never the cool kid. My mother's opinion of me was if my brother didn't do it, or it wasn't a girl thing to do, then I wasn't allowed to do it. My brother didn't read comics so neither can I. I also lived in a small town and though I never really looked I don't think we actually had a comic book store. 

So years later, and disregarding my mother's disapproval, 
I bought my first comic book at the age of 29yrs old! 
Randomly proud? 
Yes. Yes I am. LOL.

I finally found the Comicbook store in my area(I've moved out of the small town), less than 5 minutes from my house :D I was super excited to go and was completely lost  when I got there. The owner was fantastic though and showed me where I could find the FLASH Comics!
What else did you expect me to go in for?

The owner gave me issues #35 and #36 of the New 52 - the beginning of the Future Flash storyline! I only bought issue #35 because I was nervous... That was 3 weeks ago... I'm now the proud owner of 8 comic books and counting! I started with the Flash, but now I'm reading more Impulse! He's so cool!

Here's just a few of them :)

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